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This part of the website will give you access to many resources to enhance your kung fu journey with Teach Me Kung Fu Schools. It is designed to be used as a practice tool to work alongside your regular weekly classes with us.

You will need to be a current member of our school to access the majority of this content, however, by clicking the join button below, you can access a free 7 day trial which enables you to watch a free introductory trial lesson and a selection of videos.

Wing Chun Kung Fu relies on tactile, hand to hand training and training exclusively online will never replace our face to face classes. However, we have also developed a 6 week course which will give you an introduction to the style of kung fu we teach and there is an option to become an online only student.

While we are in this phase of coming out of lockdown, we are not yet allowed to return to contact training and all our classes are observing the social distancing rules. Regardless of your grade or level, there is always something you can improve upon (forms, footwork, posture to name a few) and when eventually we are able to return to full contact training, it will be clear who hasn’t trained for months and who has been working hard on their basics.

All our classes are currently being offered as an online option as well as face to face.

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22 July – Classes page updated for Indoor Training (Protocols & FAQs links added)

17 July – E Learning links added to Instructor page

3 July – Safeguarding page updated with Childline links

3 July – Zoom classes added to run alongside outdoor sessions

1 July – New Classes page added

22 June – Safeguarding documents added (link in footer below)

If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions, please email us at info@teachmekungfu.com.